Lily Melendez


In doing this assignment, I truly got the chance to challenge my traditional assumptions with voice. Before attending the lectures surrounding indigenous and non-human voices, I really wasn’t conscious of different kinds of voices whether they be metaphorical, in the sense of selfhood and personal agency, or anatomical.

For my assignment, I chose to explore the non-human voice of a vast array of whale species. I was inspired to investigate this voice as I am interested in environmental issues, and my grandpa, having worked at an aquarium, would always tell me stories about how dolphin and whales communicate with each other. He explained how whales can actually use their body language to talk to potential mates.

Writing for different audiences, I tried to appeal to the separate readers through my use of language and evidence. I used more scientific terminology and citations in the academic article to create a more informational piece overall. It felt more comfortable to me to write the academic piece as that is what I have the most experience doing. Reflecting on the process, I wish I included more of my personal takes on the subject and added more of my own experiences. I hope I can include my own personal voice more so in future pieces.

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